Awakened Life/Quarterly Strategic Planning Session

Quarterly Strategic Planning Session

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    You will walk away from this session with greater clarity and focus on:
    • Your Core Values and how to align your life and work around them
    • Your Vision for your life and/or business
    • Your Mission and Purpose
    • Your most important and key Goals and Objectives that you must accomplish in the next quarter
    • The Plan to walk it out 👌

    What is Strategic Planning?

    As a part of the Awakened Life Academy personal development system, we encourage you to do a quarterly strategic review.

    We encourage you to join us for this FULL quarterly strategic planning process, each and every quarter. As the graphic below illustrates, the Power Journal and its execution management system distills your Year Goals down to the Daily Habits. And it’s the Quarterly Strategic Planning that aligns the Power Journal to your Lifetime Purpose and Vision. 
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        September 28, 2023

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