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What Is Marriage Architects?

Marriage Architects was designed to help couples find their dream marriage. We all have 6 human needs: Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Connection, Growth, and Contribution. Meeting the 6 human needs through marriage is key. Two individuals can and will grow exponentially more in marriage than as a single person. Humans will do much more for others whom they care about than they will ever do for themselves. The key to fulfillment is experiencing massive growth and contribution. The only way to have this is a REASON to continually grow…make this your marriage. We call this kind of relationship a Dream Marriage.

Schedule Your Introductory Session With Marriage Architects:


Our Enrichment programs are intended for couples seeking a refresh of their communication skills, connectedness, intimacy, or passion. Like changing the oil on your car, your marriage needs maintenance too. Whether you just need some fine-tuning, a refresher, or a renewed connection, check out our Enrichment programs.


Our Transformation programs are for the couple who needs more intensive, personalized focus. Appropriate for couples anywhere from: “we want our average marriage to get passionate and exciting” all the way to: “we’re feeling hopeless and considering divorce”, and anything in between.


For any couple who just needs a trained facilitator, or interpreter, or even referee. Perhaps you need help with a reset to get back on track or simply an update of your Marriage Blueprint. Or in some cases, a couple feels like there is no hope and they’re not sure where to go for help. In this case, these sessions can be used as triage for the marriage before jumping into one of our Enrichment or Transformation programs.

How We Do It

We begin with the end in mind: Your Dream Marriage. Once a couple begins to dream again and gain clarity on the vision for their relationship, we show them a path to achieve it. The Path to Intimacy and Fulfillment is: Attitude, Awareness, Acceptance, Attraction and Awakening. We teach couples how to master each level. Finally we coach couples to develop their Marriage Blueprint; a document that articulates a clear plan to Design and Build their Dream Marriage.

They are honest, sincere, down to earth and heartfelt. Their calling and passion to help marriages is obvious. As coaches, they are willing to be vulnerable right alongside you. They aren’t afraid to challenge you when needed, or ask the tough questions. We discussed real issues. We felt equipped with tools that would help us in the future. They provide a safe space to talk about problems. This was great for us! We still use the communication tools in challenging conversations.

Ryan & Andrea Garrow

Our coaching program was incredible, challenging, and transformational. It helped us see things in a new way. We better understand our differences. We have tools to use. We could finally “hear” each other, and understand we’re different and be OK with that. We have gained confidence in our relationship, that we can let the small stuff go, and still trust and love each other through the harder stuff. Scott & Tawnya ask the right questions, and are good at letting us get to the right answers.

Billy & Lauren Mitchell

It was very helpful because it helped me to learn the best way to communicate with my spouse. It was also painful because it helped me to see the error in my ways.  I learned to be quiet and pray.  The biggest thing is being slow to speak and quick to listen. As a business owner, working on removing the boss hat and putting on my feminine wife hat at home is key. The coaching is very positive and well balanced. It caused us to have more peace in our marriage and I’m able to watch the Lord work.

Marlon & Dr. Rashida Cohen

What Do We Mean By Dream Marriage?

Dream Marriage
  • When you first became a couple, you most likely would dream about the future
  • We want you to start dreaming again
  • A place to create ultimate fulfillment
  • Once you have a dream for your marriage, you need a blueprint to make it a reality
The Marriage Blueprint is a document to keep you focused on
  • The plan to make your vision a reality
  • What’s most important?
  • What are you committed to?
  • At what level do you want to play?
We believe marriage needs to be re-defined. What if marriage were the undisputed institution for the ultimate in human fulfillment? We believe it’s possible through what we call a Dream Marriage. We believe there is a realm beyond the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Beyond self-actualization is the Dream Marriage.

In general, human fulfillment is found by making a contribution beyond and outside of yourself. Anyone who’s experienced this knows it’s true. However, there’s another level that can only be found in a synergistic relationship when two people are simultaneously finding fulfillment in the contribution to each other. The Dream Marriage is the one place on earth where one can find this level of fulfillment.

Who Are They?

Highschool sweethearts, together for twenty-seven years. They have three kids ages nine, twelve, and fifteen. 
They have been entrepreneurs since 2001. Inspired to make a positive impact on the world, creating businesses together as a team, as well as individually. 

Trained Professional Coaches, they are specialists in the areas of relationships, entrepreneurship, sexuality, fitness, and nutrition. 
Their calling is helping individuals find greater passion and fulfillment.