My focus is on the body...helping my clients maintain balanced health, wealth, and relationships, from a somatic method of coaching. As a Certified Professional Coach, I can help my clients experience growth in the areas of fitness, body-soul-mind connection, and intimacy.

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As a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, I established Landis Fitness in 2012. We have helped thousands of individuals maintain health and fitness through a lifestyle-conscous approach. 


As a successful entrepreneur since 2001, I have grown several businesses. I have also mentored hundreds of individuals to launch and grow their own businesses.


As the co-founder of Marriage Architects, and as a somatically trained sexuality coach, I help individuals and couples find greater passion and connection.

People Who Work With Tawnya Say...

I'm realizing I was made for more than working in the ER as a doc. I feel so free and so happy. I love how I just get to decide my life, and everything is on my terms now. It's just been amazing!

When I look back, coaching was what led me on this journey to where I am now. It allowed me to dream and develop an exit strategy.

Dr. Archana Shrestha

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I feel it in my soul Tawnya. 
My gift can no longer be stifled.

I'm going to show other women LIKE ME that you can really make great money doing what you LOVE. All I've known is living paycheck to paycheck.
I'm going to break the poverty curse in my family. It will not pass to my son.

Ebony Cornish