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What is Awakened Life Academy?
We all know that success without fulfillment is not authentic success. It's empty accomplishment. 

To truly be successful, you must master the Four Pillars of Fulfillment (Vitality, Relationships, Freedom, and Impact).  Awakened Life Academy will systematically walk you through 
these twelve modules and teach you how to effectively integrate Success with Fulfillment into every area of your life:

1.     Health & Fitness
2.     Growth Habits
3.     Energy Management
4.     Intimacy & Connection
5.     Support Community
6.     Self
7.     Life By Design
8.     Remove Hinderances
9.     Wholeness & Healing 
10.     Legacy Vision
11.     Know Your Why
12.     Contribution Through Mission

Awakened Life Academy gives you ACCESS!

With one membership, get access to tons of personal development courses, curriculum, and group coaching; all to help you create lasting fulfillment. Awakened Life Academy is for the individual who thinks wholistically about life, work, and relationships.

Immediately access world-class courses! Unlocked resources and tools that create success! And every single month, NEW courses are released!

Save THOUSANDS of dollars, and get a proven personal development curriculum that creates measurable and long-term confidence to produce health, wealth, fulfilling relationship, and ultimate success in your life!

Get TONS of Personal Development Courses, Content Vault, AND BONUS STRATEGY SESSION.... Unlocked INSTANTLY!

It's time to plug in to your solution for on-demand training, continuing motivation, and a path for growth in ALL areas of your life!

Here's What Your Membership Includes:

New Courses Every Month

Each month, we release new courses to our platform. This means your membership gets more and more valuable every single month.
You also get full access to all Awakened Life Community tools including:
  • Goal Planning System
  • Nutritional Guides
  • Fun At-home Workouts
  • Weekly Action Planner
  • Daily Journal
  • Morning Routines
  • Daily Habit Tracker
  • Basic Accounting Tools & Best Practices
Your membership unlocks the Awakened Life Content & Courses Vault so you have access to all of our  training and group coaching calls. This too, gets updated with more and more content every single month.

BONUS: Strategy Kick-Off Call

This is not going to last long!
When you join today, you will receive a Strategy Kick-Off Coaching Session; to help you get the most out of your program.

The cost of these sessions is usually $250, but the value can be priceless. Clients typically get several ideas to solve their biggest current challenge. And many times, they BREAK THROUGH something that has been holding them back for a long time! 

CONVENIENT: You can schedule your session with one of our Professional Certified  Coaches anytime during your active membership.

Monthly Growth Challenge

Each month, we'll send you a new training series focused on personal development to keep you motivated and growing.

We'll stay in touch with you and help you connect with others in the Awakened Life Community to stay inspired.

While getting connected to like-minded people, you'll be inspired to grow in health, finances, love, and life. The Monthly Growth Challenge is a key component of experiencing rapid, measurable, and sustained growth. You won't have to worry about slipping back in to poor habits because you'll be plugged into a GROWTH SYSTEM

Your Membership ALSO Includes Access To:

Choose Your Membership Option:


$50 per month

Includes everything you see detailed above...

-New courses every month

-A new growth challenge each month

-BONUS: One-on-one Strategy Kick-Off Call (limited time). The return on this Bonus alone will pay for the membership for many months to come!

Annual Plan

save 20%
$479 per year

-Pay the entire year in advance and save 20%!

-Same benefits as Self-Directed: new courses every month, a monthly challenge, and BONUS Strategy Kick-Off coaching call.

-PLUS THIS EXCLUSIVE BONUS UNLOCKED: Get Scott & Tawnya's Personal Success  Strategic Planning System unlocked now, revealing the team-building, culture-aligning, and mindset strategies used by the world's most successful people and leaders to accelerate your path towards your mission and vision. (This alone is worth the whole $479!)

Plus Group Coaching

$100 per month

Our ACCELERATED membership level also includes Scott & Tawnya LIVE:
-Monthly Awakened Life live group Zoom to focus on:
  • Training & group coaching
  • Implementing your goals for Health, Wealth, and Relationships
  • Experience-sharing with other members
  • Opportunity for individual coaching and problem-solving

-BONUS: Access to our robust financial planning software (called LifeLens)

AND ALL the same benefits as monthly: new courses every month, a monthly challenge, and BONUS Strategy Kick-Off coaching call.

-Cancel Anytime

Need Personal Coaching?

You can add one-on-one coaching sessions to ALA. Click here to find out about Individual Performance Coaching:


I have nothing but wonderful things to say! These last few months have changed my trajectory.
Thanks to the vitality of my body (shakes, better aligned goals/budget, and more regular exercise), I am open to what God has planned with my family, personal life, and professional life. And I speak with authority from what I know!


Tawnya is a product of her product. She’s amazing in so many aspects. Anybody who has the ability to work with her will become a better version of themselves because of her.


Scott and Tawnya are insightful and inspiring coaches! I highly recommend their program to individuals looking to gain more self awareness and build a stronger foundation for their relationship!


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